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All about Concrete Dining Table

All about Concrete Dining Table

Apart from other ways that concrete is being favored in home decoration, concrete dining table is one real example. For times, we still can’t get enough of concrete because of its interestingness: whether it is an indoor or outdoor dining table, concrete stands out. Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly material that’s durable and showing off aesthetic side to the room. According to Julien de Smedt, concrete offers warmth for family and friends gathering that everyone sure will love. Moreover, it’s a material that is easy to clean and able to be shown off in attractive presentation.

Knowing about Concrete Dining Table

Earlier, concrete is often situated for outdoor occasions only because of its overall look that’s rather “natural”. As time passed by, concrete is also familiar to be seen indoor. Concrete dining table application is even becoming more and more popular each day because of its excellence in many aspects. Among all creations out there, we pick this concrete dining set from Native Trails for Summer Collection 2015. It consists of round shaped concrete table with wooden chair. What we can say to this creation is: luxurious, thanks to the metallic coat on the top and solid brown paint for the table legs.

The usage of concrete isn’t only utilized for a whole dining table. Nowadays, concrete is even more popular for the countertop. From the making process point of view, concrete is also excelled in time effectiveness and artistry needs since it is flexible for shapes, edges, complementing backsplashes and drain boards. Again, there’s one creation that impressed us very well. It’s from Concrete Works East, which exhibits a dining set for eight or more guest. The table right away is the space’s focal point, thanks to the blackish accent of concrete countertop that represents elegance and antiqueness at once.

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