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Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom lighting ideas are the ideas about the lighting in the bathroom. Nowadays, people are starting to thinking about using lighting as part of the decorations. It’s because there are so many designers that designed beautiful lighting from many kinds of materials. We can’t help but thinking about put those designed lightings in our house, right? In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the design ideas for the dreamy bathroom or bathroom that match without style.

Ideal Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Let’s start with the first design of bathroom lighting ideas. The first one is the glamour and luxury bathroom lighting. The designers from Property Brothers are giving the idea about using glamour and luxury small crystal chandelier for the small bathroom. This small bathroom is not an ordinary bathroom. It’s a glamour bathroom with pink wallpaper with chic pattern of silver-foil wallpaper. The designer was also puts an antique mirror and gold colored tub right under the antique mirror. The idea about combining this bathroom furniture was already unique. By adding gold colored small crystals chandelier, the bathroom looks even more glamour and luxury for small bathroom. This is really rare to have glamour theme for small bathroom.

The second one is the colorful chandelier for the bathroom. This chandelier is small yet contains many colorful lamps so that it can make the bathroom looks brighter. This kind of chandelier is suitable for the simple or modern themed bathroom with natural color as the basic color such as white or light grey color. It’s because the lighting is already colorful. In order to make the lighting or the chandelier stand out, we need to make the bathroom looks simple. Anyway, these two are the ideas of the lighting for two different kinds of bathroom. Which one is your favorite bathroom lighting design idea?

Gallery of Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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