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Make Your Own Bathroom Caddy

Make Your Own Bathroom Caddy

Making a bathroom caddy with some leftover stuff will be fun to enjoy your leisure time. Just simply collect an old shampoo bottles, old wood, or old jam bottles. If you are bored with bathroom caddy in the stores, why don’t you make it by yourself?

A bathroom caddy is a functional thing you should have in your bathroom. It can help to make your bathroom looks tidy. Generally, you can find many caddies in the supermarket which usually made from plastics. If you need one with good quality and good material, you can find it in the home furniture stores. However, you will find an expensive price in there. You don’t need an expensive thing to make your bathroom looks stunning. Start collecting some old stuff to be made into a different kind of bathroom caddy. It’s also possible to sell in the stores!

You can make a decorative bathroom caddy from an old jam jar. Change your old plastic containers in your bathroom into an eco-friendly bathroom caddy. Take your old shampoo bottles and cut it a half. Draw cartoons or whatever and shape it up. Put sticky glue behind and stick it in your bathroom wall. For the old jam jars, use an old wood to help hanging the jar. Put it in the wall and place your tooth brush inside. It’s very easy to make!

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