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Reference in Creating Cool Girl Nursery

Reference in Creating Cool Girl Nursery

Cool girl nursery is a hot topic for mothers who pay attention on fashion. It does not matter what it is, style is their primary need. Moreover, when it comes for their baby or kid needs. It has to be something that reflects their style. Nowadays, there are a lot of nursery designs available. There are so many design offered to the customer with various price or create your own design, it feels better.

Cool girl nursery may use simplicity as its main theme. Talking about something simple but reflects coolness, applying white as the main color in the room is a nice choice. The wall with white color will give additional atmosphere such as calm, elegant, and fresh impression. For the bed, choose the same color as the wall. By using this color scheme combination, it makes the nursery more glamorous. White carpet put beneath the bed and the result is unbelievably matched. As additional decoration, a polar bear doll makes the nursery looks lively. This white nursery is something simple and it is worth to try. In this room, everything is well designed, so peaceful, and elegant. If this kind of decoration is not enough, a cupboard is the answer of this matter. It can decorate the room and it can be used to place your children’s clothes. It is just a cupboard, but it gives two benefits.

Cool girl nursery with the white color scheme is a good choice, but the nursery with forest decoration can be an alternative theme. There is educational stuff found in this kind of nursery design. Starting from the wall, green color becomes the main interest. A picture of three is suited as a combination with green color. Then, how to make the forest more real? You can pick a wooden bed for your little angel. The brown color of the wood, there is nothing seemed more natural than it. This type of nursery could be a good choice.

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