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Artistic yet Unique Distressed Coffee Table

Artistic yet Unique Distressed Coffee Table

Distressed coffee table is usually being chosen for the ones who are going to decorate their house in rustic design. This kind of furniture style gives you a certain look for your furniture in uniquely different with stain and some acid surface of tables. There are some house designs which are suitable to use this kind of furniture design, just like rustic and shabby chic house design. There are some things you can find designed in distressed design and one of them is coffee table. Since coffee table can be one of your favourite furniture in your house, why don’t you design it perfectly with the touch of distressed style?

The distressed furniture, especially coffee table, is usually made in white paint. White paint for the distressed design is made with some stains. The table is also designed with some damaged paint surface, which gives you an impression of used table. When some people will see this kind of furniture design as a second-hand thing, it is actually can be a decorative thing in your house. Distressed coffee table can be chosen by you to decorate your coffee table set. You can also make the furniture set to be eclectic design by combining the modern design to your set.

You can use the set for having unique and different design. The design for your coffee table can be square or round, and the decision is placed on you to decide whether you want the design in round or square. The distressed style can also be found in the impression of unpainted furniture, which will also give you acid look for your coffee table. To make it looks balanced, you can combine the table with a flower vase or newspaper holder to store your newspaper. Distressed coffee table can also be found in some other colours like pale blue or pale green.

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