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Decorating a Farm Bathroom Style

Decorating a Farm Bathroom Style

Pottery Barn bathroom idea would be perfect to bring a farm styled atmosphere. Nowadays, the image of bathroom is not just a place to take a shower, a dirty smelly place, and a wet place; but it can be a comfortable place to enjoy your shower time. Therefore, decorating a bath room can help you to get a different atmosphere for your ‘me time.

One of the most stunning bathroom decorating ideas is pottery barn style. Besides the old and simple style, pottery barn style can bring a fresh and cool atmosphere for your bathroom. Wooden floor, brownie dominated color, with yellow dimly light, can give you relaxing sense when you have your shower time. Put some wooden furniture to make your bathroom looks like a barn. You can change your plastic soap container with small rattan basket. Use your old jam jar to cover your light. Hang some small wooden frame to put paintings so your bathroom won’t look boring.

You can get a pottery barn style in your bathroom without spending much money. You can have very affordable price to get it. Use your creativity to manage the bathroom, to change the plastic containers with some wooden stuff. Collecting references and information from magazine or online website can inspire you to get your pottery barn bathroom.

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