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IKEA Kitchen Wall Cabinets

IKEA Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Kitchen wall cabinets are the cabinets that specially placed on the kitchen wall. There are many designs of the kitchen cabinets that we can find in the stores. The first design is the kitchen wall cabinet set. This kind of kitchen cabinet contains other kitchen stuff such as stoves, backsplash, drawers, etc. This kitchen cabinet has big size and installed as the one and only cabinet in the kitchen. The second design is the regular kitchen cabinet with shelves and drawers. It has smaller size and it’s usually used for certain kitchen stuff such as cabinet for plates and glass, cabinet for cooking spices, and many more. In this article, we’re going to talk about some products of regular kitchen cabinet that sell in IKEA.

Regular Kitchen Wall Cabinets

IKEA is one of the famous online stores for home and designs. You can find many items related to home and design in IKEA. All items in IKEA are in great quality and came from trustworthy companies. You can easily found branded furniture in IKEA. Okay, let’s start with the first product of kitchen wall cabinets. This kitchen cabinet is called METOD Wall Cabinet with Shelves/4 doors. This cabinet has four doors with six shelves in total. The two upper doors are for one shelf for each door, and two below doors for are two shelves for each door. It has simple design with white color as the color of this wooden cabinet. You can buy this cabinet with £140.

The second product is called METOD Wall Cabinet Horizontal. This kind of kitchen cabinet is usually put above the kitchen table where we usually cut vegetables and prepare things to be cooked. This kitchen cabinet has one long shelf and it’s usually used to put cooking spices. You can buy this kitchen cabinet for .

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