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Modern Bathroom Design for the Small One

Modern Bathroom Design for the Small One

A great home decoration is not only applied in the outer appearance of the house. The room consistency also increases your home decoration. Ideally, house consists of some rooms including kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Bathroom is probably the smallest room in your house. It will not directly show to the guest and part of private room. However, decorating your bathroom is a must. Just like your bedroom, you might take some tranquility and relax in the bathroom. Modern bathroom design is the favorable one for your house.

The modern bathroom design, nowadays, probably too usual to apply. However there are still thousand modern bathroom design ideas for your bathroom, especially for the small one. Some of them are not cost in a high price. You can have such modern bathroom in the small space with a limited budget. Here are some simple bathroom ideas for your modern small one.

All you need to do first is by designing its basic decoration, from the ceiling until flooring. Start from the ceiling, you can make such outdoor bathroom to let the light easily goes inside. Then, go a little down to the wall; separate the wall into two parts, the top and the bottom. For the bottom wall, you can use such walling tiles and choose still a bright color for the tiles. Use the contrast between the ceiling and the wall. In the middle of the wall, you can apply the mirror. For the flooring of your modern bathroom design, use the modern minimalist floor for bathroom to arouse the modern concept.

After designing the basic decoration, start to put some modern bathroom design for small space appliance like modern faucet with a square sink, a modern toilet, and a nice shower cover with a square glass. Make them in one color so you will find your modern bathroom design tidy and calming. You can put also a big mirror after the sink, and place a nice cabinet under it.

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