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Oval Coffee Table Wood Made

Oval Coffee Table Wood Made

Oval coffee table made of wood now is favorite coffee table for years. Oval table is simple, classic, even looks modern and sophisticated. Many types of oval table are available with many different designs, colors, and types. People used coffee table made of wood and put it in their rest area to make their rest is more relaxing. Concept of the wood table is back to nature. It is your choice to take oval or other shape of coffee table. But the oval shape makes your table looks elegant and antique.

Oval coffee table made of wood has an advantage that is the table is easier to be fixed if the table is faded by DIY (Do It Yourself) with only a few tools and materials. It is an easy project, not requires good skill. Furthermore, by remake or refinishing coffee table gives the new look on the coffee table. You need: rags, wood stain, paint, grit sandpaper, varnish, and paint brushes. First step is clean your table from dirtiness, paints and stains. Then, remove the table from the base. Next is applying wood stain with dry rag and wipe the stain on the wood until clean and dry. Sand your coffee table using progressive finer grits of sandpaper. After that, you can paint your wood with the color you want. Use small brush to paint the small area of the table. The last is varnish the table to make your table is shining and not loses the color until dry. Now, your oval table looks great.

Oval coffee table is unique shape of table. Make sure to choose an oval table wood made that’s suit and right for your home. It makes your family and you sit around the coffee table and build a wonderful centerpiece for your living room.

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