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Pink Bedroom Ideas Tips for Teenagers

Pink Bedroom Ideas Tips for Teenagers

Pink bedroom ideas are highly recommended for those who are so feminine and gentle, because pink is associated to color of women, this color is identical into women’s personality that is girly, soft and pure. There are so many tips which you can apply for those who want to build pink themed bedroom for their teenage daughters.

First, pink bedroom ideas are effective when you apply pink colors for your bedding. So, use pink bedding set for your bed and make your bed more attractive. Choose the bedding which is rich of patterns such as dots, loves shapes, stripes, squares, waves or even abstract patterns. When you choose that is rich in patterns, you can give a more colorful hue in your bedroom.

Second, pink bedroom ideas depend on how good you treat the walls is. Pink paint colors are various from soft pink, baby pink, rosy pink, peachy pink, medium pink, dark pink, hot pink and other pink colors. When you want to have more striking and artistic bedroom, installing wallpapers is the most effective way to do it. Remember that wallpapers will give you define colors and impression of 3D in your bedrooms. The patterns on the designs will make your bedroom is more alive, moreover the options for the designs are so various, sometimes you may ask for making the wallpapers which are exactly based on your desires.

Third, due the theme is pink, it is not forbidden to combine pink with other colors. Pink bedroom ideas do not always applied with pink color only, remember that of course you can use other colors such as white, black, peach, purple turquoise, light brown or even green or blue. You just need to make consider the right proportions for those colors, do not apply too much because it may decrease the main pink colors.

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