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The Design of Basement Bathroom

The Design of Basement Bathroom

Basement is the additional room that the placed in the base of the home. The basement can be used as living room, dining room, kitchen room, working room, and play room. The total area of the basement is not narrow size, many activities can doing here. For example the basement use for library, the person read the book in this room. He do his hobbies here, he do to get the joy. When he wants go to the bathroom, it will disturb the concentration, and it need time to go to the bathroom if the position of bathroom in above not in base. So, it is so needed the basement bathroom.

The bathroom is something should be there on each home. Minimum there is one bathroom in the home, but if you have basement to get the easy ways better if build the bathroom in the basement. How about the design of basement bathroom? The design of the basement bathroom was designed to be simple and mini bathroom to save the space in the bathroom.

The removal will flow in below grade. Minimum create the basement bathroom be standard plumb and finishing the requirement for place of the bathroom in basement, choose the place that there no drain, so the land is smooth. Then determine how will be look like the bathroom. Design the bathroom before building, then prepare the all material like the material of building to create break up, pipe, and the material for create the removal part.

To build the basement bathroom it needed about 3 days minimum. The drain system is important thing in basement bathroom. Before you apply the drain system, must be sure if the trenches have been finished. The price of pipe is expensive, even for building the bathroom basement need many pipes. So the cost of making bathroom in basement is not cheap, the minimum cost is $1.000.

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