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Thematic Vegetable Garden Layout

Thematic Vegetable Garden Layout

Making vegetable garden layout that looks clean and neat turned out not that difficult. Take a look at these examples and get inspired! Stalite & Todd and Rock Spring Design applied the idea through fencing method. Playing with the fencing is the ultimate way to get that satisfying appearance of vegetable garden. Your mission later is to choose which fences shown up in rather unique and decorative style. The first example to try is to have a formal fenced garden. The veggies are planted in separated raised beds and the fences are painted in plain white. The second example to try is to have barn-like, deer fencing in real woods.

If you think the common gardening concept is boring, you can check what Paintbox Garden and Shawna Coronado have made. Vegetable garden layout would even look more outstanding with some touches of bright color. You can also have the plants that are originally yellow and purple in leaves or harvest, such as eggplant. By the time you have a tinge of purple there, you could start making a simple seating layout in purple as well. Just in case you are not really into bright colors either, you can decorate your veggies garden with an arrangement of various tones of green.

Finally, the ultimate creations of good looking veggies gardens are coming. We fell in love with the gardens of GARDENA and Earth Mama Landscape; we hope you are willing to check them out and get inspired as well. You can place a wooden bench, along with a mini coffee table, amidst your veggie garden. Who knows you can get very composed in the middle of the green plants while sitting around and enjoying the view? Finally, you can play freely with the plants by hanging the pots in a likely swing model. Good luck on realizing your vegetable garden layout!

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