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Things You Must Know about Your Indoor Herb Garden

Things You Must Know about Your Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor herb garden could prove that if you don’t have enough space to grow plants outside of your home especially if you are living in an apartment or condominium. It could be the perfect solution for you to still have greeneries beautifying your home especially when you know which plants to have and grow. There are a few things that you have to pay attention to when you are going to do this type o garden for your home. The lighting, drainage, planting and watering the plants need to be taken care of properly to achieve the result that you want.

Since you are going to have your herbs planted in the inside of your house, you would want to make sure that they still get enough sunlight so that they could grow properly. Place your indoor herb garden near the window of the room where you are going to have them placed and located so that they could still get the natural light from the sunlight. If lighting is a problem inside the room, you could still make an alternative way around it by placing a grow lamp on the area where you have your indoor herb garden located.

Some people regularly water their plants in scheduled time, while that could be a good thing; it is highly recommended that you actually place your fingers to check the moisture of the soil. This is actually a better method in determining if your plants need watering or not. During the winter time for example, when your fireplace or heater is always on, you might need to water them more times than other seasons because the water that is contained in them could be dried out easily. Having an indoor herb garden is not only because you want to fulfil your hobby of gardening, but it could also decorate your home to look even nicer and more beautiful.

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